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No hassle gourmet dining, in your cupboard or pocket.

49th Farms is pleased to offer the finest selection of freeze-dried gourmet meals!

Made with only the finest ingredients, crafted by our world-renowned chef Dale Keefe. Our meals are easy to prepare and require no refrigeration, making them perfect for everything from camping to Friday nights on the sofa.

Our Upcoming Products

Feast your eyes on some of the incredible meals coming soon…

Taste Testimonials

The chocolate mousse was creamy and decadent. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a special treat or a talking point dessert.
Emily Brown
I use 49th Farms meals for my expeditions. I'm amazed at how much energy and stamina they give me. Light, tasty, and easy to digest, they provided me with the fuel I needed to keep going. I can tell the difference and highly recommend.
Mark Anderson
The steak was perfect, with a juicy and tender texture. The sauce was rich and creamy and complemented the meat perfectly. Really impressed with these meals.
Sarah Morillo


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